Caught off guard by the ‘dark side’?

I can still count the affairs on TWO hands!

Mark Sanford

-Governor of South Carolina

-Christianist Sexual Deviant

-Marriage Defiler

-Oath Breaker


-Homo Bigot

The only thing this lying sack of shit got “caught off guard” by was his own sloppiness in covering up his double life.  Yep, his unfortunate wife, Jenny, discovered a love letter among his official papers.  (Why was she snooping around in his official papers?)

Mr. C-Street Christianist cannot control his deviant heterosexual desires nor can he uphold the sacred marriage vow he made before his god.  Had he not been caught, this marriage-defiling sexual deviant would still be at it with his “soul mate” in Argentina.

This Culbertson guy … Mr. “spiritual counselor” guy … same old worn-out excuse ‘the Devil made him do it’.  I got a bit of reality for you, “Cubby”: how about the concept of owning one’s actions?  How about the reality that this scumbag has been deceiving his family and the people willfully.  How about the reality that Sanford can’t keep his hand off of public money and his dick in his pants and do his goddamn job?


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