Heteros: “Wired” for infidelity

Damn heteros, they just can't help it!

Heterosexual men are “wired” to cheat on their spouses … according to the “Spiritual Giant”, advisor and excuse-giver to the Governor of South Carolina, “Cubby” Culbertson.

Cubby Culbertson, spiritual advisor to Mark Sanford, says:

“Some guys are wired such that violating God’s design in this area, of women, is a real challenge to them,” he said. “That’s not in his DNA. That’s why it’s such a surprise.”

But you JUST SAID, in the first half of your sentence, that he’s wired like that.

So, i see … heterosexual men who cannot control their dicks and stay faithful to their wives and their god are “wired that way”, yet gay people can’t be “wired” to be attracted to the same sex.  Right.  Gotcha.


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