More christianists who go out of their way …

Porno Pete, as he's known.

More christianists who go out of their way to dispel false information are the butt-buddies at AFTAH and Exodus, Peter LaBarbera and Alan Chambers. … and, add NARTH to the list.

Why do I call them butt-buddies?  Well, they are buddies, I assume, and they are really focused on the butts of other adult men.  They go out of their way to use false science that’s made up within a fake ‘study’, wildly manipulated numbers, all for the purpose of promulgating their hatred for fellow human beings.  Is it just me, or is that bearing false witness against a fellow human being?  Oh, that’s right, if they de-humanize ‘the homosexual’ and then they can justify their false witness and their hatred.

They pander for money from people who trust them in order to pay themselves to promulgate false information that their trusting contributors and paying victims want to hear. What a farce! What a scam!

waymonhudson, at Pam’s House Blend, wrote an excellent article on their “studies”, itemizing and breaking down the CHRISTIANIST LIES they that they shamelessly promote:

In response to Exodus’ and AFTAH’s laughable complaints that scientific standards are too rigorous for their “study”, waymonhudson says:

“How dare the APA ask for rigorous scientific standards in studies relating to peoples mental well-being!  The nerve!  How could they not just blindly accept a movable control group, fluffed up numbers, and a compromised funding source?  Who needs science or standards when you have money and God on your side!”

Spot on! Yep, to completely disregard the reality of scientific facts in favor of blind hatred and plastic religion is the christianist way! I was in the church and I know what they do.

Then, there’s N.A.R.T.H. doing the same … using made-up data to push their hatred and now they are criticizing scientific methods in favor of blind religious fables.

Alvin McEwen at Pam’s House Blend takes their claims, itemizes them and strips them down to the bold faced lies that they are.

N.A.R.T.H. wants to mentally screw the minds of as many people as they can … all for greed of the mighty dollar.

Sexual orientation is a natural, innate part of a human being’s mind. The lies and false science these people at Exodus and AFTAH and MARTH are engaging in is damaging and hurtful in every way.  They can lie all they want – reality is reality and lies are lies.

The Peter (he calls us, singularly, “the homosexual”) thinks it’s name-callling to point out the fact that he, and his cohorts, are bigots.  They demonize and dehumanize people for something that is natural and immutable, for the advancement of their own egos and bank accounts.

Meanwhile, right under The Peter’s nose, (no, it’s not cock) the human trafficking trade is booming. Heterosexual men feeding on young girls and women in the Chicago metro area.

Why should these christianist liars use their extensive finances and resources into helping with this travesty, when it’s much more fun for them playing ‘undercover sex sleuth’ and hunting dick? … over and over again.



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