Rabid, bloody bigotry

Rabid bloody bigot.

Rabid bigot “Pastor” Steven L. Anderson, severe closet case.

This fucker is a lunatic.  A raving lunatic with guns and followers and a voice in his head that he thinks is ‘God’.

He thinks that all gay men are predators; he believes gays should be imprisoned and executed.  Something very deep-seated is bothering this guy.  Maybe he was molested as a kid and he can’t handle it and needs therapy, OR maybe he wants cock so bad and but cannot accept it and hates himself so he projects that hatred onto others.  And I think maybe these deep-seated problems are why he has problems with authority and gets beat up by police.

He reaps his income, not by honest work, but from gullible people and spews his hatred in his lil’ tax-exempt storefront.


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