Peter LaBarbera is such a sick puppy.

Chubby Hubby Hubby

Jeezus Fucking Christ, man.  Although his list of new Ben and Jerry’s flavors, in response to their Hubby-Hubby, was a mildly humorous attempt at parody, even I could not and would not have been able to come up with “Man-Boy Munch ‘n Crunch” or “Catamite Caramel”.

I had to look up the word “catamite”.  Peter LaBarbera makes me want to vomit.  Only a sick fuck like him would even think of a scene involving a ‘catamite‘.

“Berry Berry Promiscuous” and “Apple Adultery Delight” –  Is Pete referring to clergy and politicians and half of the adult hetero population?

“Rumpy Road”?  – that really is weak. …  then there’s “Neapolitan Nancy-Boy” and “Chunky Chickenhawk” – at least The Peter named 2 flavors after himself!

Update: oh, Looky! Peter has added another flavor: Lime Against Nature” – … oooh, I get it! – how clever of Peter to rhyme ‘lime’ and ‘crime’. ah-ha-hahaha-ha. ha. uhhh…

Here’s his complete list, in his very own colors –

Lime Against Nature
Bisexual Butter Pecan
Strawberry for Swingers
Man-Boy Munch ‘n Crunch
Catamite Carmel
Two Moms Macadamia
Rumpy Road
Polyamory Peach

Neapolitan Nancy-Boy
Fabulous Fudge Nut
Transgender Twirl
Berry Berry Promiscuous
Chunky Chickenhawk
Apple Adultery Delight

This is what this professional closet gay porn aficionado man-hunter spends his donors’ money doing.



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3 responses to “Peter LaBarbera is such a sick puppy.

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  2. NG

    This posting is showing up on my feed as if new…whatever. Nonetheless, leave it to Porno Pete to sexualize ice cream.

    • Tom

      Ah, sorry about that- you might see a couple more show up – fuck. I changed some of the text color because it was originally a dark background theme and I couldn’t see the pale text on the new white bkgrd. – my bad eyesight!

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