We all knew this …

Baby snatcher?

Alright, first — consider the source, Levi Johntson. … from Raw Story: http://rawstory.com/08/news/2009/09/02/levi-says-palin-wanted-to-adopt-daughters-baby/

After seeing her paraded out onto the national political stage, we all knew this: when Sarah got the call from McCain, it was “uh-oh! – time to sweep up all the dirt around the double-wide, under the shag carpet, and Hurry now!”  She reeked of insincerity and ineptness.  It was such a gaudy put-on show … and even though her side lost in the battle to shag the public, we all knew she’s gonna make a killin’, and not on a moose.

It was a big surprise when she announced her resignation from the governor’s office, but immediately apparent why.  Big bucks ahead for her and (doh, again) not the kind with horns.

And ain’tcha glad this wack-job is not in the White House right now?  If she could not handle the pressure, criticism and ridicule from a few bloggers and the main media, then good god, how the fuck could she have handled national office and a global arena?


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