Former vice-prez of Southern Baptists

"pastor" Wiley Drake

Just like I have said, the Southern Baptist Churches breed the K K K.  Another preacher, Pastor Peter Peters, former vice president of the SBC, is coming out with “imprecatory prayer” from the Book of Psalms to pray for the death of the POTUS.

Personal story: my sisters were ‘prayed over’ in our mother’s home, for “God’s wrath and destruction to fall upon them” by a wack-job church deacon …  that’s a whole other story!

This guy, Pete Peters, is a white supremacist … anti-Jew, anti-minority, ant-gay got-voices-in-his-head Christian Identity-ist (the new Dominionism), like the famous “pastor” Wiley Drake, also a former SBC officer who recently prayed imprecatory prayers on the POTUS and other pastors like Rick Warren.

Peters’ own website, Scriptures for America. … his profile is Here.


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