Mentally disturbed heterosexual rage …


There are some very disturbing comments after a news story about an openly gay cop in Florida who is now a sex offender, having been busted for forcing adult male illegal aliens to perform sex acts. (read it here)

First of all … Bad cop!  This dude has serious problems.  A bad cop is a bad cop and there are plenty of them. The vast percentage of bad cops are heterosexual … apparently that needs to be pointed out for lunatic commenters foaming at the mouth, like “dandundun” below.  Using their fried logic, it can thus be concluded that all heterosexuals are exactly like the Charles Manson and his Family.

Here’s one shining example:

A stray dog deserves more repect than a homosexual. They are the lowest of creatures on this planet. Not even animals do such things. All homosexuals deserve to die. Killing a homosexual is not murder, because they are sub-human. It is like stepping on a bug. Love is not the issue. Homosexuals cannot love, any more than an earthworm can. They are a blemish upon what would be perfect humanity. They don’t even deserve to look a normal person in the eyes. All of them should be executed, and the streets paved with their pulverized bones.dandundun (08/05/2009, 7:43 AM )

This is what happens to weak minds with deep-seated problems and low intelligence, indoctrinated with hatred and told what to think.

There is something wrong with this person.


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