Repeat: Maggie Gallagher is a B-I-G-O-T.

The face of one BIGOT

Maggie Gallagher objects to being called a “bigot”; says it’s just “not neighborly” … she said “Fundamental decency requires that we treat each other with respect” – Yes, and that is exactly why gay folk are standing up today for EQUAL treatment under the law.  I know, I know, folks like Maggie are accustomed to viewing gay people as less-than-human; I know it’s a learned attitude and it is really difficult for these folks to shake off their prejudice. … I may not know what Ms. Gallagher says behind closed doors, but I do know what “people like her” say behind those doors – I have stood in the midst of all the “safe” conversations.

Another quote:  “Sadly, I’ve grown used to the reality that tolerance is now a one-way street for gay marriage advocates. It no longer matters how respectfully and civilly one makes the case for humanity’s marriage tradition.”

No! Sadly, us gay folk have grown used to the reality that it’s always been a one-way street and now we are demanding it TWO ways.  Sadly, she excludes gay folk from ‘humanity’ in her statement – that right there says it all.  Sadly, gay folk have grown used to being treated as ‘less than humanity’.

No, it’s just not neighborly to denigrate your fellow humans; it’s not neighborly to keep rights from any citizen.  It is not neighborly to be a Bigot these days.


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