Patricia Mauceri can suck it!

Work? Against my religion.

Patricia Mauceri refused to do her job that she was getting paid to do and therefore deserves to be fired.  But Peter LaBarbera claims the usual victim card of persecution of christians.

I repeat:  She refused to perform her job.  She got paid to act.  She refused to act.  No more job.  That is how it works for us ‘queers’ and the rest of un-christianist America, you see.

I was once fired from my job and almost lost my home because of a RUMOR that I “might be gay”.  Until that point, my performance reviews were excellent; I was DOING my goddamn job and I excelled at it.  THAT is the difference between my situation and Ms. Mauceri’s.  My boss spewed out to the front office that he didn’t want “a goddamn queer running the shop” and I lost my job AND there was nothing I could have done legally.

So, Patricia Mauceri — SUCK IT.  You are were a friggin’ Hollywood actress in a major network show.  You are not going to suffer like regular hard-working gay folk who lose their jobs because of actual discrimination, not because they won’t do their jobs, like you.

And, if Mauceri is such a goddamn “devout christian”, what the fuck is she doing in a den of heterosexual iniquity like a soap opera?  She needs to realize that there are plenty of Christians who could sit and judge her for being part of that TV garbage.  Soaps are garbage; there is more bad acting in a soap than a goddamn revival preacher, from what little of it I have accidentally seen.

There’s plenty of christianist broadcasting that would love to have someone of her caliber! — oh, but the seedy, sexy soaps pay a hell of a lot more, and money always makes it OK to compromise her precious christianist beliefs … . God! How I feel so sorry for her — O’ how she will suffer! [sarcasm]  She will profit from this incident — that is a guarantee.

Aaaargh!  That pisses me off — goddamn christianists have  been some of the WORST employees I have ever worked with – absolutely no work ethic OR morals.  (I will have more on that in another post.)


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