Murder Music artist still playing many venues in U.S. after all.


Rasta Got Hate - Buju Banton

Info from a poster on JMG about Buju Banton, murder music artist:

Speaking of Jamiaca and homophobia, Buju Banton, despite shows being cancelled at lots of other venues, is still scheduled to play at The Troacdero in Philly tomrrow, Septmerb 12th.  Website here: Call and complain here: 215-922-5143

This advocate of murdering gay men, Buju Banton, has had his major U.S. tour cancelled because of the outpouring of protest of his HATE LYRICS.

“There is no end to the war between me and faggots!” – Buju Banton

Buju must realize that there are beaucoup people who hate him just as viciously, just as vehemently.  People here, who want his “skin to peel, burn like an old tyre wheel”.

update: Well, I mistakenly thought his whole U.S. tour was cancelled, but no!  … the homo-bigot is still scheduled at many more venues.

These low-lifes are promoting hate for profit. CANCEL BUJU BANTON. Boycott Jamaica.  Call and email these music venues and tell them the reality of what they’re doing.  C’mon, WTF — would they book a white supremacist rock band playing “Burn, nigger, burn”?  Homobigotry ain’t no fucking different.


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