International Blasphemy Day coming up 9-30-09

Blasphemy Day 2009

Blasphemy Day 2009 is in response to a U.N. effort to appease Muslim law by creating anti-blasphemy laws.

I ran across this and said “Hell yeh! Every day is blasphemy day!”  But, seriously, is it any more obvious the threat that Religion poses to clear-thinking humans?

3-21-09 from UK Mail, cleric Anjem Choudary is apparently wanting Sharia law to reign in Britain.  WTF – and in this country we have the Old Testament bible-thumpers demanding their way.

When will these fucking Bronze Age superstitions fade from existence?

Blaspheme. Why wait? … get started today.  Let it fly, “GOD DAMMIT!”  “FUCK MOHAMMED, and FUCK JESUS”

waiting … waiting … Nope. No lightning bolt strikes … still typing.  Go ahead, try it yourself – no One is listening.


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