Leviticus Law on the Colorado floor.

This  ignorant douchebag politician, Scott Renfroe, is the kind of thing that got me to pay attention. It got me pissed off enough to start writing a blog … it does feel good to hammer these keys.

Yep, if only we would follow God’s Law, and stone them homoseckshuls, put ’em to death, just like the Bible tells us to.  Well, I’d say ole Scott is headed straight for Hell, based on his own theology and his own refusal to obey his god of said theology and start putting homos to death.  … WTF is wrong with people like t his?  How far do we allow freedom of religion to openly express death pronouncements on groups of citizens?  Maybe it’s just me, but I take offense at shit like this.

Chickenshit bigots like Renfroe are hoping their words will incite action.  They raise their children up and feed their heads with this garbage and then they end up like Steven Anderson.


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