Mullet comes unhinged, beats up a Woman, traumatizes a child.

Troy Dale West, woman beater

I read about this on Pam’s House Blend, the mullet-sporting human garbage named Troy Dale West came unhinged and severely beat up a woman, spewing out racial epithets, in front of her seven year old child.  WHAT IS WRONG with this PIECE OF GARBAGE?  I’m watching the CNN report about it now and I want to vomit.  And, to hear how people JUST STOOD AROUND?  WTF?

This is the kind of people I worked with and lived around for 35 years.  This shit was taught in the Southern Baptist churches when I was a kid (AND FUCKIN’ STILL IS).

Now, his inbreed cousin is chiming in, fucking great, and the motherfucker won’t identify himself…  It does not take a psychologist to see that these are some unbalanced and unstable persons.

THESE are the dangerous morons that are being SPOON FED by shit-bags like LIMBAUGH and BECK.  THOSE are the RACIST COWARDS who get the Troy Wests in the world to take their rhetoric and put it to action.  There’s rumor that he’s a KKK member.


When this douchebag does go to prison, and I hope it’s soon, true justice WILL be meted out.  That purdy long blond hair of his (ack! vomit!) is shore gonna make him a good prison wife.  I hope they fucking tear him apart for what he has done to this little girl who is now scarred for life, and her mother, a U.S. soldier.


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