Alabama deems wine label “immodest”

Yes, only in the State of the maniacal Judge Roy Moore, ALABAMA’s alcohol control has deemed the label of Cycles Gladiator wine bottles to be too indecent and immoral — WTF are these folks smoking, eh?

The wine was banned due to its label, which features a vintage 1895 French bicycle advertising poster with a nude nymph flying alongside a winged bike. “We’ve never had complaints from any of the 49 other states in the U.S. or the 20 countries around the world where Cycles Gladiator is sold,” Leigon said Friday afternoon. “And in the great state of Alabama it was fine for three years.”

And this:  “It was submitted twice last year, and it was rejected both times,” Martin said. Early this month, however, a citizen sent a bottle of the wine to the ABC board to show it was still being sold in stores, he said.

WTF? What ‘citizen’ is running around having snits over stuff like this?  Or, is that a false statement to make it appear that ‘concerned citizens’ are behind this.

Alabama is in the top five of the highest teen pregnancy and STD rates, on and on and on … and they are worrying about a goddamn wine label with vintage ad art?

Slutty wine label

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