Christianist Family Values: Sleaze and Lies

Found this reading Pam’s House Blend, and I cannot express how much this kinda thing angers me.  How can these ass-wipes like John Edwards say, with a straight face, the things they say …. aaargh!  And how can these Christianist Liars orchestrate the elaborate schemes of deceptions; the public posing, the lying; smile! kiss the baby, snap! another campaign photo, standing against those dirty homos, another crown in Heaven; then sneak back around and ball a hot campaign staffer; lie some more, and stop those homos!, lie some more.

All while his wife battles cancer.  This disgusts me as someone who has lost two partners, and before that, my wife also battled cancer.  I stood by their sides for the durations; I gave my beautiful husbands their treatments, cared for them after surgeries and chemos; I changed them, bathed them, and NOT ONCE DID I EVER THINK ‘where can I get me some nooky’.  MY GOD! It truly makes my heart wrench for the wives of these scumbags.  How can these GODDAMN’d Christianist Perverts and Hypocrites DO THIS TO THEIR PARTNERS?

And while the Mrs. Edwards is suffering with goddamn cancer, he is making lavish wedding promises to Ms. Hunter. yeh just wait til she’s dead, Darling.  But, he’s against two men or two women living their simple lives together in openness and honesty and  dignity.

From Pam’s House Blend:

* He made former staffer Andrew Young (who is writing the tell-all) sign a paternity affadavit saying he was the father of Hunter’s child; as a loyal staffer who is married, he was willing at the time to fall on his sword for the campaign;

* Young alleges Edwards asked one supporter if he could find a doctor willing to falsify a DNA test (!)

* Young says he was the one who scheduled and set up the trysts between Edwards and Hunter;

and the drumroll please…Young says:

that Mr. Edwards once calmed an anxious Ms. Hunter by promising her that after his wife died, he would marry her in a rooftop ceremony in New York with an appearance by the Dave Matthews Band.”

OK. That is so surreal and disgusting that it’s hard to imagine Young making that up, given what is already out there about John Edwards’ pathological quest to ascend to the White House at the expense of voters, donors and campaign workers who believed in his ideas. More below the fold…

This makes my heart sag.  Yep, I mean s-a-g, makes my heart heavy cuz I think of the suffering my partners endured.  Only someone heartless could leave them laying there.

“What makes this all so outrageous for me in the end were John Edwards’s pious statements during the campaign about how “he couldn’t cross that bridge” to support marriage equality blaming of his Baptist upbringing. Here was an attorney knowingly and shamelessly (just as our current President is), conflating religious marriage and civil marriage.

“The cherry on top, of course is that he was simultaneously boinking and procreating outside of his sacred marital bond. The disgusting level of hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy required to step out in front of the cameras with a straight face to declare gay and lesbian couples are not worthy of civil marriage because heterosexual relationships have a special legitimate claim based on his bible-based notions is par for the course, just another political lie to tell.”Pam Spaulding, on PHB

Christianists disgust me.

But, I’m a ‘goddamn queer’.


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