– them homos we’s mean.

Now there’s a tacky, trashy website sporting the same tired, REFUTED LIES and FALSE SCIENCE from NARTH and James Dobson and all these other bogus sources of mis-information.

W.T.F.?  “track-em-down” has their militarized logo at the top of the page … going to hunt down some — ? what? track-em-down and — ? what? interesting.  I bet they long for the good ole days when they could just openly hunt “the niggrahs” (as old old white folks say).

This site has the same old tired shit of sensationalizing “The Gay Agenda” (right-wing sensationalism) … the same old tired shit of “teach your children to hate ‘teh gay’ and teach them to hate themselves if they turn out gay” (all quote marks are mine) so their lives can be crippled, just to serve their own Christianist Hate Agenda.  Their “Links and Resources” crack me up: great minds like Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh, Laura Ingram, Drudge, WND and FreeRepublic, FOF … (gasp, gasp — I’m out of breath) that is only the beginning of the cavalcade of incredibility.

Naw, it’s not conspiratorial thinking, it is the reality of growing up queer in this country.  It is the reality of the coming of age of sexual awareness that every human being goes through.  Yes, somehow we need to change the thinking in this country and stop the mind rape of our young — the mind rape of making the “different” ones think that they are less than human.  Stop teaching children that others who are different are less than human.  Start accepting the reality of human development; start accepting the fact of reality that it is NOT O.K. to harm a child, and I mean either sexually or non-sexually (that is way underestimated).

…This “track-em-down” BULLSHIT is precisely what gets maniac freaks like “pastor” Steven Anderson believing that it is A-O.K. to shoot down persons perceived to be gay;  freaks like Anderson, who willfully hopes to inspire such a specific violent act.

Most queers are cranked out of religious homes.  This is a fact of reality.  Some people are just gay and there is nothing that can change this IMMUTABLE FACT.

[much more on this shit when I have time to dig!]


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