Evangelical Right is the Village Idiot

Frank Schaeffer on the Maddow Show … says we cannot arrange life in the village around the village idiot, and that the Fundamental Evangelical Right is the Village Idiot …

I can so relate to this … I was ‘enrolled’ in the Baptist Church at the age of 12, I think, when the EndTimes scenarios were taking root.  When I rejoined a church at age 22, it was the Full Gospel Baptist they called it, and the EndTimes stuff was full-blown.  Yes, every news event, every sign is a ‘sign’ and they’re literally waiting to be physically taken up into the sky to Jeebus.  Everything and everyone who is not “of God” is “of Satan” and has demons controlling them, like puppets.

It’s fucked up when these kinda folks are taking a strong root in our political system.  STOP THE CRAZIES!  That’s why I left the bull-shit of the ‘church’.  These people are batshit crazy.

Story:  They told my wife back then — we decided to go to the church counsellors (I, as the Head of the Family, over the wife) to get advice about her sexual dysfunction, resulting from being raped when she was a girl.  Mistake.  They told her, basically just like this, that she had to “lay there and take it, because God had ordained her as my wife, and it’s her duty and commandment to give up that ass.”  (I added the a** word, hehe)

That’s when I knew, without any doubt, that they were effed up, not me.  The “Church” promotes fake psychology, fake counseling skills, and a generalized abject denial of facts, good sense, and reality.



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