Christianist Fake Psychology damning another kid to a Lifetime of Hell

Tyra Banks, of whom my opinion is pretty low, had this kid on her show, the one who was the subject in the YouTube gay demon exorcism religious child abuse ritual.  Anyway, I read about this on JMG and PHB.

This poor kid is going to be fucked up the rest of his life if he does not face the REALITY that he is queer.  Listen to the programmed crap coming from his lisping lips. He has no choice but to conform to the church or be cast out.

This child-abusing church, the Manifested Glory Ministry of Bridgeport, CT, this “Prophetress” McKinney brainwashing this poor kid —  it is a travesty.  And she gets away with it because Freedom of Religion is freedom to practice legalized child abuse.  This poor kid, this sixteen-year-old KID is coerced into believing that this woman is a goddamn prophet.


Sad.  Very, very sad.  But, at least Tyra spoke reality 9and I’m no fan) … good for her saying she doesn’t believe the ‘conversion’ is real, and that IT IS O.K. TO BE GAY.  He says it like if he says it enough, it will become true.  I knew a guy (cousin of a friend)  who told me how his parents put him through a ‘laying on of hands’ and ‘speaking in tongues’ thing, trying to cast out homo demons.  Scared the shit outta him (the crazy church people) and he got the hell out of there; he left home and got on with his life — as a normal, happy, successful gay man.  Doesn’t look like this Tyra Banks kid is going to fare so well.  It is very sad how many lives “the Church” has ruined with their pseudo-psychology.


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