‘Boy Lovers’ operate right under LaBarbera’s man-loving nose

Like I said in an earlier post, pedophiles operate right under Peter LaBarbera’s man-hunting nose.  This dude obviously has resources available to him that could be used to track down pedophiles.  Instead, while children become victims right under his nose, right in his own area, he is snooping under the kilts and codpieces of adult man-on-man consensual sex partners.  What is this fascination he holds for man-0n-man love acton?  I wonder.

Back to the original subject of the post, the FBI nabs a pedophile ring operating in Porno Petie’s turf while he cavorts with consensual adult men.  These freaks collected and traded child porn and one told an undercover witness that he had filmed another man having sex with a young boy.  I hope these fucks get their maximums and I hope they can find s/t to put them away for life.

LaBarbera gleefully posts this story, and of course, links it directly to Harry Hay (and, with an additional lie inserted about “activist terms”), who he links to all gay men. LaBarbera is a sick bastard to use pedophile victims’ tragedies to promulgate false propaganda to defame gay men.  He knows his gullible readers, who know about ‘teh gays’ only what he tells them to know, will eat it up as gospel truth.  This is how people like Steven Anderson believe that gay men molest children.  NO — pedophiles molest children — gay men and women do not.

LaBarbera is the kind of sensationalist p.o.s. liar that has caused a rift in my own family.

[-more on this later when I have time-]


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