Cold-heartedness of everyday Christianists displayed.

Die alone at Jackson Memorial

Peter LaBarbera, look up!  This is your christianity, and I know you must be proud of it; the whole God-damned bunch of  you are sick.

The following story alone made my eyes tear up … the comments after the story made my heart sink; the abject cold-heartedness of people who claim to have the love of Christ in them makes my stomach turn.

The trauma unit staff at Jackson Memorial in Miami, FL denied access to the partner and children of a woman as she slipped into a coma and was forced to die alone, solely because they were a Lesbian couple — that is cold-hearted.  I cried.  I lost two partners and I was by each one’s side holding his hand.  I can fathom the surviving partner’s grief, but I cannot fathom the heart wrenching pain of being forcefully kept away from my partners as they died.  And, what did this poor woman go through in her last conscious moments, knowing the staff was keeping her beloved from her? — my heart goes out to Janice Langbehn and Lisa Pond.

May their “god” damn them, all these cold-hearted “followers of Christ”.  They are so blinded by their religion that they cannot see they are in direct opposition to what it says.  I’ve experienced this same cold heart of brainwashed christianists through one of my siblings who has destroyed relations with me and the rest.  We’ve all risen above it and treat her as though nothing happened; she acts the same, but typical of christianists, no apology for her despicable actions ‘in the name of christ’. … and, no apologies from the hospital or the court to Janice Langbehn.

The hospital won as the court tossed out the lawsuit by Janice.  May this “god” damn this judge.  That’s right, these christianists make a big deal of their god’s “laws” and damnation,so be it … they violate their own commandments blindly, so I guess their ‘god’ will damn them.


Statement from the hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Piedra: “We have always believed and known that the staff at Jackson treats everyone equally, and that their main concern is the well-being of the patients in their care,” Jackson spokeswoman Jennifer Piedra said in a news release. “At Jackson Health System, we believe in a culture of inclusion. For more than 90 years, the institution has taken great pride in serving everyone who enters its doors, regardless of race, creed, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. We also employ a very diverse workforce, one that mirrors the community we serve.”

Added Piedra: “Jackson will continue to work with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to ensure that everyone knows they are welcome at all of our facilities, where they will receive the highest quality of medical care.

I say that you are a goddamn LIAR, Jennifer Piedra. I cannot express how angry I am, that people are treated the way you did to these women!  I am angry because I have gone through the heartbreak of losing my beloved TWICE — HOW can you people DO THIS?  It is NOT YOUR JUDGEMENT on who has a relationship with whom — it is the Hospital’s OBLIGATION to allow dying patients to have the person who loves them by their side — they even had goddamn legal documents showing their status as partners.

Here’s the comments of some of God’s Love-of-Christ-filled faithful:

[update, I had stopped posting and well, since yesterday it seems the offensive comments were so bad that they were removed.] The only one left is this:

“No Comment, except that I hope she repented, asking God for forgiveness before she lost consciousness. Otherwise, she is on her way to hell! And, that’s for sure! It’s not what I say; so says the Bible.”

Well, I say Eff you — a human life was lost, a family lost a parent, and that is a cold response and a lie.

Then, there are the reasoned and sane people out there … apparently NON-religious.

“This is messed up. I am not gay. I am married with 5 children. But i am appalled At this. These people where just trying to live their lives. Who where they hurting.. NO ONE..I don’t want to hear about Hell this that or the other..Everyone has to take their own PERSONAL walk with GOD. And really its no one else business.. This is shameful all this woman was trying to do was to see someone she loved before she died.. My heart goes out to her and her family.”

[-more on this later when I have time and I WILL call this hospital-]

Comments after the news article:

This commenter replies to another who says he is a gay xtian: “Saying you are Christian and gay is like saying you are christian and a thief. How can you say you are Christian when you lifestyle is full of sin? We all sin, we are human. A true Christian realizes this and repents of his mistakes. To live a deviant lifestyle and claim to be a Christian is hypocrisy and mocking God. You don’t get to choose what sin is. God does. And social pressure and political correctness are irrelevant.”

psssst! — uh, “gay” is not a “lifestyle” … Sexual orientation (attraction to the opposite sex, or to the same sex, or both) is innate.  Gay people live many different lifestyles … just like heteros.  Doh!



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5 responses to “Cold-heartedness of everyday Christianists displayed.

  1. Heart-breaking story. Great of you to share and shine the light on such disturbing human actions!

  2. Thanks, but I wish I had copied the really hateful comments before they were taken off … they were vicious. I am just so tired of these “loving” christian types.

  3. Hi Tom ,I just jumped here from Joe.My.God. for awhile.

    This story is heartbreaking.

    And some people were tactless enough to talk about going to hell and preverse lifestyle and all that crap in the comments. Ugh pathetic!

    • jeez, i know … these women were just living their lives and hurting nobody. Hospitals ALWAYS permit loved ones to the patient’s side. I’ve been there too many times … they would have to arrest me, to keep me from going back there.

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