Heterosexual pervert traps girl in public restroom

Heterosexuals are perverts and cannot be trusted anywhere! … O.K., well that is how Peter LaBarbera would sensationalize it.

In Georgia, a man was casing the women’s restroom, entered, and trapped a little girl in the corner; luckily a female Georgia police officer and a female FBI agent were there, separately, by chance and saved her.  This is the kind of stuff going on while Christian Insanists are worrying about two adult men or women falling in love and building a life together.

CNN Video here.

The sad Reality is that the abuse of children, and it’s not always sexual, is so rampant and thoroughly infused into our culture that it is totally overlooked.  Another sad reality is that mis-informed people equate homos with child abusers, thanks to the lies spread by closet cases like LaBarbera and the ilk.


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