Illinois marriage equality bill submitted

Equality Illinois

From JMG, Senator Heather Stearns introduced the bill on October 1st.  Equality Illinois states it well:

“This is not an issue of sacred versus secular – there are plenty of synagogues and churches that both recognize and perform same-sex marriages,” said Bernard Cherkasov, Chief Executive Officer of Equality Illinois.  “Rather, marriage is a civil right – plain and simple.  The state cannot have a civil institution of marriage – with its plethora of benefits, rights, and responsibilities – and exclude from it an entire class of citizens.”

More states are joining in.  Which one will be next?  When will religion stop dictating secular law and allow fairness and equality for ALL citizens who are law-abiding, working tax-paying citizens, all across this land?

I wish good luck for the effort; so much of Illinois is aligned with backward thinking, IMO.  I am from there, and have lots of family there.

The Reality is:  we must stop allowing religion to dictate the personal lives and relationships of citizens of a secular state.  The Reality is: people fall in love with other people.  Sometimes those two people are of the same gender.  This is Reality.  Religion is Fantasy.

[-more later?-]


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