Heterosexual mother sells daughter for sex

So much more of this shit goes on than people will admit.  And, in the article, the judge says that the sick heterosexual bastard had sex with the woman’s other daughters, who are now grown, and that the ‘statute of limitations’ had run out.  WTF?  What’s the statute of limitations for the victims’ suffering?

This sick heterosexual woman actually begs the judge to not send her to prison.  That poor little girl, those other girls — they have to face a lifetime of anguish.  Mom got only one life sentence — and, knowing how ‘the system’ works, she’ll get out early.

There are same-sex couples (and unmarried hetero couples) who are balanced,  responsible adults, who want to, and who have the means to, give children like these victims a stable and loving home, but we are stuck on the false notion that one-man/one-woman is the no-fail environment for raising kids .  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.



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