Georgia oyster bar posts N-word on highway sign

In Temple, Georgia right smack in the middle of Inbred White Supremacy Pigfuck Country, the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar owner, Patrick Lanzo, proudly displays his sign out front — “Obama’s plan for health care / Nigger rig it”

Inside the bar, he has a mannequin dressed in a KKK robe.  CBS Atlanta reporter asked him why he chose the N-word.

“Well, I’ve used it most of my life. There are different ways to put your opinion up, but that’s just the words I choose,” Lanzo answered.  Despite the sign, Lanzo said he’s not a racist.

Really? …  Who is this dude think he’s fooling?  He’s not fooling anyone who has been in the Deep South for 32 years and heard it all.  Types like this  Lanzo guy (some of them are in Congress or have TV and radio shows) sooooo cannot stand that there is a ni**er in the White House.   It burns in them so much that they must lash out with all these wild accusations and conspiracy plots circulating, because they know they cannot just come out and say what Lanzo sums up on his sign.




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3 responses to “Georgia oyster bar posts N-word on highway sign

  1. aaron

    a little googling also shows that this guy has hosted klan rallies, neo nazi gatherings, and is a convicted sex offender.

  2. higher

    This is the same guy that put “A Monkey. A Obama” on that sign earlier this year. He also hosted a white pride picnic for Stormfront behind his bar. Patrick Lanzo is a convicted sex offender, if I might add.

    This disgusts me.

    Sadly, Free speech does include hate speech.

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