James Hartline is the perfect example.

James Hartline

James Hartline is the perfect example of my assertion that these hardcore Xtians come from backgrounds of abuse, drugs and/or crime.

Link to post by Pam’s House Blend on Hartline’s new ravings.  O.K., now I have heard of the 144,000 chosen whatevers and crap in the church I had attended … Pure Batshit Crazy:

The following is from “Racing to Uncover the Enemy’s Plan, by James Hartline:

“The wicked rulers of the satanic realm have searched the earth for generations seeking out the hidden locations of the 144,000 bondservants of the Lord. Twelve tribes of Israel. 12,000 members of each tribe. Prophetically predetermined by God, 144,000 bondservants who will give rise to an eternal promise made by The Father to His eternal Son. Satan knows that the fulfillment of God’s catastrophic judgment upon this temporal earthly existence is held back until the 144,000 bondservants are sealed. The Wicked One, once known as Lucifer, now known as the Devil, rampages upon the earth seeking out the location of the 144,000 that he and his minions might exterminate them before they arise.

The satanic plan has unfolded. The Devil has poured out a spirit of perversion, of homosexuality and of death upon humanity that he might corrupt and decimate the potential human pool from which the 144,000 will arise. For the Book of Revelation reveals the characteristics of these unique bondservants. They are spiritual eunuchs, virgin males, free of relationships with women, devoted in complete obedience to the solitary life of God Almighty. Satan knows NOT where these 144,000 bondservants are hidden. He simply hunts for them with the blind and unholy ambition of exterminating them before they can awaken to their holy destinies.

…These are the days of war with Ancient Sodom. This is my journal of that war.”

Whew!  So, does he think he is one of these “bondservants”? … a eunuch, virgin males free of relations with women? … so, has he never had sex with a woman? … just speculatin’.  That old gutter tripe’s brain is fried from all the methamphetamine and cocaine abuse; that shit re-wires the brain and then people just ‘ain’t the same’ (are batshitcrazy) afterwards.

Look, I really do feel for people who, like Hartline, have gone through severe abuse and neglect as a child, had a history of hard drug abuse and prostitution, life outta control … I am really sorry, but goddammit — it was NOT the fault of people who just want to live a nice quiet life married to the person they love.  And I’m really sorry, James, but it wasn’t anybody else’s goddamned fault that your life SUCKS.  Homosexuals did not ruin your life, dude … YOU DID, along with the help of YOUR HETEROSEXUAL PARENTS.  Reality is, it was heterosexuals who ruined your life, not teh homos.  Ugh.

There are other ways to escape a life like his besides religion …  and blaming homos.


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