Churches torture, murder African children for the Lord.

Aren’t these christian churches in Africa supposed to be using the same goddamn bible (with further mistranslations) as our christian churches?  Aren’t we the ones who send missionaries there to teach this shit?

From the LA Times story:  “At first glance, there’s nothing unusual about the laughing, grubby kids playing hopscotch or reading from a tattered Dick and Jane book by the graffiti-scrawled cinderblock house. But this is where children like Abigail end up after being labeled witches by churches and abandoned or tortured by their families.

“There’s a scar above Jane’s shy smile: her mother tried to saw off the top of her skull after a pastor denounced her and repeated exorcisms costing a total of $60 didn’t cure her of witchcraft. Mary, 15, is just beginning to think about boys and how they will look at the scar tissue on her face caused when her mother doused her in caustic soda. Twelve-year-old Rachel dreamed of being a banker but instead was chained up by her pastor, starved and beaten with sticks repeatedly; her uncle paid him $60 for the exorcism.

“Israel’s cousin tried to bury him alive, Nwaekwa’s father drove a nail through her head, and sweet-tempered Jerry — all knees, elbows and toothy grin — was beaten by his pastor, starved, made to eat cement and then set on fire by his father as his pastor’s wife cheered it on.”

Yep, the very same bible used to torture and kill children in the name of the loving God is the same bible that we use to excuse slavery and subjugating women and killin’ faggots.  It’s the Book that our U.S. religious leaders use to preach divisiveness, intolerance and hatred.

These childrens’ blood is on the hands of the U.S. missionaries who instruct the African pastors how to practice christianity.


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