AFTAH banquet to recruit kids for homos and pander for money

The Right Closet

The Right Closet

(read it on Joe.My.God.) Banquets and book sales, because they care about the kids.

Even if their lie were true, why would homos need to recruit kids, when AFTAH is doing the job?  These homo-obsessed poseurs care so much about the children that they’ll charge ’em $25 to plant homo thoughts into their brains.  Must be accompanied by pastor, another $50 please.

And, for another mere $27 plus coins, you can have the riveting book by Matt Barber, featuring his porn movie pose on the cover, How To Stop Thinking of Hot Mansex Constantly. (well, all right … that’s not the real title)

WHAT FRAUDS these guys are. IF they “cared about the kids” they wouldn’t be hosting a pay-for-plate banquet with books for sale .  And seriously — a teen coming to The Peter’s banquet, who is already looking at other boys, is only going to have his homo thoughts ‘fueled’ by attending this hate banquet.

The Peter recently smeared JMG for posting a phone number which the Peter himself had previously published.  He said it was “creepy”.  (WTF? … that coming from one of the nation’s most famous creepy dudes)  The Peter railed against JMG readers; he is surprised when people defend themselves against bigots.  I hope some good ole queers do attend this banquet.

From AFTAH site: “[gay people] love to rail against Christian “hate”– falsely equating traditional beliefs about homosexuality with malice and bigotry. But if this isn’t true hate and harassment, then nothing is.”

NO, Peter-boy … if one is actively trying to take away rights from a group of tax-paying, law-abiding citizens — that IS malice — that IS bigotry — that is hate.  “Traditional beliefs” are Traditional Bigotry.  It is time to end it.  Slavery was a christian traditional belief and racial bigotry is still taught by christians.

Gay people have fucking had enough.  If The Peter and Barber think that they can promulgate lies about people they don’t even know, and those people will not fight back, then they need a good dose of reality.

This whole “hate the homo” industry pays big bucks.  I hope Barber sells lots of books … I hope he and Pete profit well with their lies … and then have to face their lord.  Seriously, they should pray that their religion ain’t true, because the christianists will be the first ones tossed into the Lake.

From the CWA radio link: “wonderful gay tolerance”? “harassing christians?”  ‘We’ are not tolerant of LIES.  We are not tolerant of BIGOTRY! — “nasty?” — yes, I get “nasty” when I lose my job because of goddamn rumors that I ‘might be gay’.  I get “nasty” when that causes me to almost lose my home.  I get “nasty” when christianists LIE and STEAL (personal stories later) — I get ‘nasty” when christianist promulgate fake psychology as gospel truth.  I get “nasty” when this mind-erasing brainwashing affects relations in my family.

LaBarbera and Barber and the rest profit from their bigotry … a really good gig when you can’t hold a regular job because you’re using company office space and equipment for a personal side-line business writing opinion pieces.



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