Texas jurors consult Bible to determine sentence

Bible Jury

Bible Jury

WTF?  From the Telegraph:

“It later emerged that while deciding whether he should be given the death penalty, jurors consulted the Bible. Four jury members admitted that several copies had been in the jury room and that highlighted passages were passed around.”

Granted, the defendant, while burglarizing a home, shot the victim in the face and beat him with his own rifle.  But, why the fuck are they allowing Bibles in the Juror’s chamber and why the fuck were they allowed to use them to determine the man’s sentence?  Were there not any jurors to object to this?  Are these “bible jurors” too goddamn stupid to make a decision based on the facts of the case?

What’s the next case that will be determined by jurors cherry-picking Bible verses?  Yeh, we all know that Leviticus passage.  Why wasn’t that used in the Lawrence v. Texas case in Texas?


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One response to “Texas jurors consult Bible to determine sentence

  1. I’m with you. Bibles have no place in legislation or courts of law. That’s what separation of church and state means. A religious person can’t help bringing their views to the jury room, but if they need to consult the written word, how about a law text? They’re supposed to be finding a person guilty or innocent under law, not under whatever god(s) they choose to believe in.

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