U.N. official and U.S. religious right AGREE on MURDER of lgbt’s

People, wake up.  Our U.S. religious leaders and politicians are abetting the spread of hate and bigotry throughout the world.

From Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, Alvin McEwin writes about the unholy alliance of muslim and christian attacks on glbt’s in the U.N.

But Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel says Treki’s statement is in tune with the majority of countries and religions that believe homosexuality is aberrant behavior. And Treki, he adds, is not attacking homosexuals. “All I hear [Treki] saying is that the rest of the world cannot be forced to accept behaviors that are demonstrably destructive to both individuals who engage in those behaviors and to the society around them,” states Barber.

Treki has been harshly criticized by activist groups around the world. Barber believes that illustrates that those groups demand tolerance, but are the least tolerant themselves.  “They are completely intolerant of other people’s belief systems [and] of other cultures,” says the Christian attorney. “We hear talk of cultural diversity — [but] there is no cultural diversity as far as the left is concerned and as far as homosexual activists are concerned. It’s either their way or the highway.”

No, Matt Barber, he doesn’t “attack” homos, he (his religion) just murders them, and you and the rest of your christianist jack buddies directly condone it — kids are murdered in the name of religion, all over this globe, suspected of something that is purely innate.  Matt Barber, what yours and other stone-age religions do not understand is: Gay people will not tolerate inhumane or discriminatory treatment; Gay people tolerate religion; some gay people are religious.  You have the ability and the go ahead to practice your religion and not be gay.  But DO NOT tell me how fucking wonderful and holy your ilk is. I do know better.  The religious extremists are the ones making the ‘highway’ demands, except religion says “Do it, or die”.  The religious (superstitious) side has had it’s way all along.

Our U.S. national figures are actively involved with Uganda where bills are being presented to instill the death penalty for “homosexual acts”, just following a conference in Kampala, Uganda. The Watchmen On The Walls, Scott Lively (Holocaust revisionist) and his co-whatevers were there … story on Box Turtle Bulletin.

Religious christo-fascists and muslim extremo-fascists are fucking ruining this world.




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