Final Mass countdown in Maine – the cost of Bigotry

Classic Caucasian Jesus

The Catholic Church looks like it is having to close down some churches … too costly, revenues down, attendance is down, and …. oh yeh – they’re exhausting their resources by pouring money into stopping teh gay marriage.

PHB is where I read this by Louise :

Then there was on October 15th, the quiet demolition of the Catholic Church in Jackman, posted on Facebook with the following comments:

Too expensive to heat anymore! The Catholic Diocese authorized the destruction of this historic Franco-American landmark on the Old Canada Road.

This is the parish that my parents, grandparent and Aunts & Uncles have been married and buried! Yet they can give another $150,000 to promote overturning gay marriage in Maine! Outrageous!

Location: Jackman, Maine

I hate to tell her just how much the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland has given total- it’s more than $150,000… in fact, it’s far more!

It truly is sickening the lengths some will go to hate, when instead they could love others and not try to control the lives of those who do not wish to practice their superstitions.  It is their bigotry that is destroying the church and families, not the homos.



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