“Christians on high alert”

Hate Crime

In my latest email from OneNewsNow is the startling headline “Christians on high alert over hate crimes passage”.  Holy fuck! whaddawe gonna do now?

A hate crimes bill sent to President Obama for his signature raises a red flag for Christians.

On Thursday, the U.S. Senate passed a hate crimes bill that Christian leaders have warned for years could greatly infringe on the rights of those who speak to loudly about their religious views. Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel agrees with most observers that President Obama will sign the measure — adding that the president desires to “throw a bone to homosexual activists because they have been breathing down his neck…and this is a way to hold them off.”

(my note) Speak as loud as you want.  Let that little light of bigotry shine, bubba.  You forget who has been quietly living simple lives, working, supporting and caring for loved ones, enduring direct discrimination with no recourse, and paying taxes while people who can”t hold a job because they abuse their employer’s resources for their own personal gain and personal opinion you pander money from ignorant and gullible people with your religion scam and personal issues.  Then to wake up and find the likes of you threatening [folks you don’t even know] with “biblical law” bullshit on the floor of the statehouses.

Barber views the legislation as something akin to a muzzle. “Unfortunately, it places Christians — people of faith, people who have traditional values relative to sexual immorality…in an untenable position,” says the attorney.

(my note) It’s impossible to muzzle a christianis, or muslimist or any of ya.  Ah, so christians just want the good old fashioned heterosexual adultery, like diaper sex with prostitutes.  Do not pretend you christianists are so damn holy.  Christians (and goddamn Muslims and Mormons) have been protected all along by hate crimes legislation.  Do not pretend that hate crimes legislation is some new idea by “homo activists”.

He notes that several years ago, a similar law in Pennsylvania resulted in the arrest of 11 Christians who were presenting the gospel at a Philadelphia homosexual rally. Barber goes on to say that the federal bill “will chill religious liberty and free speech — and that is its intended purpose, not to protect anybody from hate crimes.”

(my note) Bullshit.  Um, Michael Marcavage was arrested for standing in the wrong spot to preach, a spot where he was blocking business from people who paid to have a booth.  Police pointed over to the spot where he could go to preach and he refused.  That is why he was arrested, not because of what or why he was preaching.  And besides, who the fuck listens to crazy street preachers, anyway?  Marcavage puts himself into these situations so that he can get attention and run frivolous lawsuits.  Nobody’s “chilling” anybody’s liberty.

And as for pastors? “There is a very weak exemption in [the bill] which is totally illusory, and a religious exemption is not going to protect pastors,” responds Barber. “Renegade prosecutors and politically correct leftists in positions of authority can subjectively determine what is or is not a hate crime.” And then move on to prosecution, he adds.

(my note) Oh, you mean like renegade christianist lawmakers who call for homos to be put to death.  You say that pastors won’t be protected, so that makes your lie true?

Barber explains that Liberty Counsel intends to challenge the constitutionality of the hate crimes legislation.

So of course, after this urgent message, I headed straight for the “Add New Post” button on the bloggy thing.


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