Lame-ass “book” by Matt Barber is a “con” and a “rip-off”

The Right Closet

The Right Closet

The Right Hook, which Matt Barber FALSELY CLAIMED (lied?) was not available for anyone to read until November, has been read and reviewed by many.  Right Wing Watch did purchase and read a copy and posted a review.

“Nowhere on the publisher’s website or the Amazon page is there any sort of disclaimer that this “book” is really just a collection of Barber’s past columns.  Had that been made clear, I certainly would have saved myself the $32.00 I spent on this bound edition of his inane columns.”

This “book” and the banquet that was held by AFTAH and it’s twisted participants are TRANSPARENT, lame income-raising enterprising scams.  Isn’t that … deceitful?  I have not read the book and don’t plan to, as the entire list of book contents has been posted.  I won’t copy and paste all that, just click here: RightWingWatch. or in quote:

“So, to save prevent anyone else who was thinking of buying this “book” from getting conned and ripped-off, here is the entire Barber book in links:”

Joe.My.God. invites all to read it and go to Amazon and post your review.  LaBarbera accused JMG readers of posting phony reviews on a book that he adamantly swears that no one but his office has advance copies.  He remarked how “fraudulent” and “Orwellian” it was.   Says Joe:

“Oh, but hang on a minute, Miss Barberella! A quick check of Amazon today reveals there are now 25 five-star reviews of your book which you claim is not available until early November. Why, it’s as if Godly homo-hating Christians are posting reviews of book they have not read! How “fraudulent”! How “Orwellian”!”

HAHAHAHA,  … I seem to remember, listening to the audio of the CWA program he was on, LaBarbera smirking that the book wouldn’t be available until Oct.-something, and now he claims Nov.-something.  Typical christianist liar.

This is from Freedom Press’ website, a Canadian publisher, where the deceitful presentation is given to sell this recycled tripe:

“As Barber explains in these pages, he entered this different fight arena when he got fired for penning an article in which he had the audacity to defy the inflexible laws of political correctness, by defending traditional marriage.”

I beg to differ … I mean, “Liar!”  I have worked with “christian” people who, like Barber, stole company time and company resources for personal gain.  That is theft.  It is deceit to claim anything else.  Not very christian.  And then, conveniently, he sues the employer he defrauded.  And, of course, the real truth will not be known.  The other deceit is that he paints all gay people with the same brush.  That is dishonest and it is not the truth.  He knows that only the gullible and ignorant will believe it.

The main problem I have is not so much the book or the content, the problem is that it’s presented as though this is fresh, new written material, instead of merely a compilation of his columns online that are free.


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