Christianist Pat Robertson lying for Jesus ^again^

See how tight this noose is?

Pat Robertson on The 700 Club told his viewers, with his head-shaking “news co-anchor”, about the Hate Crimes Act now adding Lesbians, homos and t-t-[cough]t-trans  gen dered persons to the growing list of people getting “special rights”.  He asks o’ what about a law to protect a christian from a hate attack, “not a chance”, he says while his co-anchor looks at him o’ Pat what evah shall we do?

Well, for starters, why don’t you people stop telling bold-faced fucking lies on television … oh wait – LIES are the only way the christianists can uphold their lifestyle.  One group that has been getting “special rights and protections” since hate crime laws were on the books is … christians!  Pat Robinson has to know this!  And he also knows that people will listen to his voice as the voice from god himself.  He knows he can get away with lying because these followers will believe his lies.

Pat Robertson and his ilk are always on their worldwide television broadcasts and radio shows, selling DVD’s, CD’s and complaining how “silenced” christians are.  They live lavish lifestyles and complain how they are being persecuted. “The noose is tightening” proclaims Robertson.  What a goddamn liar and a scam.



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