Mary Mag’s shin bone on tour in the U.S.

The Shake-a-Leg Tour ’09, the first ever in the U.S. — the “relic” is on display in metro New Orleans tonight at the St. Anthony of Padua church in New Orleans.  Found this in the comments after a post about the Virgin Mary’s appearance at Knocks, Ireland.

Two Catholic parishes in metro New Orleans are preparing this weekend to receive lines of the curious and devout — pilgrims come to see and pray before a purported relic of Mary Magdalene, companion to Jesus and, according to the Bible, the first witness to the resurrection.

I have a friend near New Orleans who’s mother will definitely be there, with rosary clutched tight.  I know she will.  Remember the ‘Memama’ character in the John Waters movie Pecker?  “Full of grace!” … that would be a good characterization of her.

They expect thousands to come to New Orleans to see the so-called relic.

“In an age of science and, according to some research, rising religious skepticism, exposing the human remains of saints and praying in their presence sounds ghoulish to many — yet still brings some additional measure of peace and confidence to millions.

“I think just to be in the presence of a saint, you receive a lot of graces, including strength,” said Mary Jane Drndak, an online advertising company executive who said she will fly from Dallas to see and pray in the presence of the relic this weekend.”

Wow.  Catholics do some weird stuff, and people will believe anydamnthing.


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