The Heterosexual Agenda has already sexualized teens.

Yes, I’m astounded how these christianists look around them and cannot see the mounds of heterosexual imagery and messages coming at kids from all directions … no, blame the Fuckin’ HOMOS.  Goddammit, every six year old who watches primetime TV knows that Daddy should call a doctor for his 4-hour erection.

Heterosexual sex inundates everything in this society from — I’m really sick of christianists with this Pollyanna image of how their kids’ world is, and the thinking that homos are coming to indoctrinate their kids and that just ain’t the reality.

People, it’s too late!  Pregnancy rates among teenage girls indicate that hetero sex is very, very popular.  Kids already know way more than some people think they do or want to admit, and that ain’t going to change.  They need to have access to reliable information on sex, because they are doing it.  And, they need to be taught that sometimes, Some People Are Gay and to stop teaching kids to bully other kids around.

{more to say later)  😉


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