The Price of Atheism

Brave teen girl in Oklahoma faces horrible backlash from a whole town of Loving Christians™ — “dirty little trouble-making atheist” girl ostracized from school activities and publicly humiliated.  Praise Jesus!

(from Unreasonable Faith)



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6 responses to “The Price of Atheism

  1. The price of Christianity

    “On Sept. 21, Pastor Manuel was shot and killed by The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas in San Jose del Guaviare, Colombia, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.
    FARC guerrillas made an appointment with Pastor Manuel and his family. “He thought they were going to authorize him to have a church officially, which he had discuss[ed] and asked [for] before,” said VOM contacts. “One of them came in [the house] with the pastor’s wife, Gloria, and his daughter while the pastor was outside. He was shot five times.”
    A FARC guerrilla who was in the house with the rest of the family yelled “Make sure that dog stays dead,” referring to the pastor. The guerrillas then shot the pastor again, this time in the neck.”

  2. Tom

    They are also going around and executing christians in Iraq; they execute adults and children who are merely suspected of being gay — this is why religious extremism is dangerous.

    Evangelical christianity has blossomed in African nations; the christian churches hunt down children suspected of being witches. Hundreds of children are imprisoned or murdered BY CHRISTIANS for being witches.

    THESE are reasons why religious extremism is dangerous.

    Theology is anti-human.

    [thanks for commenting]

  3. The problem with this form of criticism is that atheists kill people in order to further their ideology, does that make all atheists murderers?

    Any group of people will have some, that claim to belong to that group, that perform acts in opposition to that groups ideology.

    But to address your original post, I find it petty to say that an atheist girl felt persecuted becomes people refused to associate themselves with her based on her beliefs. All over the world people are being killed for their belief in Jesus by religious and atheists alike.

    I do not condone the behavior of those people, but it is no different than what a lot of kids feel for a large spectrum of reasons and her treatment was mild compared to most.

  4. Tom

    You apparently didn’t watch the whole video; she was not merely snubbed, and ADULTS were involved in the abuse. The girl is only 16 and hasn’t even lived a life yet; the things done to her were very Un-christian, in my opinion.

    Yes, people are killed all over the world for believing in Jesus – and Mohammed and the Hindu devas; people are killed for money, drugs, in wars and accidents, etc. Yes, kids mistreat each other; adult abuse kids …. so what is the point in regards to this video? … I will be ranting about religious murders AND bullying and abuse in other posts.

    American christians do not even know what persecution is – go to Iraq and find out. I find it laughable that christians actually think they are persecuted in this country. What I find disturbing is that American christianity has risen above criticism and scrutiny – just spout the Name of Jesus and people can do pretty much any damn thing they want to – no matter how rude, hateful, unethical, or dishonest it is.

  5. I did watch the entire video and I agree with you, the actions of those students, and especially the teachers, was very un-Christian like.

    I think you and I are on the same page when it comes to the American Christian and persecution. Because of the freedom of religion granted to us in this country by the bill of rights most American Christians do not know what it is like to be persecuted. Just like Atheists do not know what it is like to be persecuted for their beliefs either.

    I think the difference is that throughout the world more Christians are killed for their beliefs than Atheists so it makes Christians in American fearful that if we do not defend our religious freedoms that the extreme form of persecution may come to our country in the future. Atheists have no fear of that happening to them.

  6. Tom

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, Christians experience great freedoms here, AS THEY SHOULD!!

    The biggest misconception promulgated by the “professional christianists” is that non-believers hate christians and want to silence them (which cannot happen). They promote fear and distrust of non-believers, scary stereotypes of the ‘godless’.

    Christians should be mindful of how things are in the monotheistic governments in this world, and should therefor respect the freedoms of others here to NOT believe in supernatural beings and magic, as we respect their freedom to do just that.

    Peace to you.

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