Maine Not About Hate?

From David Hart’s Blog, 11/4/09

Maine Not About Hate?

Early this morning, Marc Mutty, head of Stand for Marriage Maine, was trying to put toothpaste back in the tube in saying that “this campaign was never about hating anybody.” That was the first and last lie in a campaign that had all of the subtlety of a Lee Atwater political crusade.  Willie Horton was replaced by the image of a predatory gay running amok among Maine’s school children.

We knew exactly what the opposition was going to do. We probably should have introduced the education meme before they did in order to inoculate the electorate. More importantly, where was our anger? Our opponents were essentially calling us perverts and child molesters and we were “pushing back?” Where was the outrage?

Well, as if one couldn’t tell by reading this Blog, I AM OUTRAGED.

Naaah, this anti -gay, anti-equality drive is not about hate:

I’ll see you faggots in hell! (YES on one!)

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Who the fuck do you radical faggot asswipes think you’re intimidating with all this NO on one bullshit? Do you really think you will change the way we’re going to vote with threats? Our Govenor is on your side? Good! Take that fucking sneaky aids-stricken weasel with you when we run your faggot asses out of Maine!
    We are the most
    heavily armed state in the country. Do you think we will run and hide from a bunch of fucking pansies? I am voting YES on one and so is everyone I talk to. So take your bully tacticssomewhere else, they won’t work here! We are going to keep you degenerates out of our schools and out of our state! Fucking faggots!

    This is a post by a Maine craigslister.  This is what the lying scumbags Mutty, LaBarbera, Barber, Gallagher, and the rest are responsible for.  This is what gay people “put up with” all through our lives.

    And this from a news article commenter:

    A stray dog deserves more repect than a homosexual. They are the lowest of creatures on this planet. Not even animals do such things. All homosexuals deserve to die. Killing a homosexual is not murder, because they are sub-human. It is like stepping on a bug. Love is not the issue. Homosexuals cannot love, any more than an earthworm can. They are a blemish upon what would be perfect humanity. They don’t even deserve to look a normal person in the eyes. All of them should be executed, and the streets paved with their pulverized bones.dandundun (08/05/2009, 7:43 AM )

    Not puttin’ up with it any more, bubba.


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