American Christianity – above criticism, above reproach

Gary Cass

Gary Cass - Xtian Anti-Defamation Comm.

American Christianity™ has evolved into something else than it was when I was in it for about one year as a young adult.  It has become more judgmental, more intrusive and condemning.  It has become more bigoted, more obnoxious and more intolerant and divisive.  It has become a product marketed for high dollar; believers proud and boastful, secretive and hypocritical.

Dr. Pastor  Gary Cass, head of the Xtian Anti-Defamation Commission, sporting his ’70’s pretty-boy porn ‘stache, is furious over the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.  Even though hate crimes legislation has always had protections for crimes biased against believers of any religion, Cass and his Cronies for Christ are calling it the Hate Christians Act.  They are pretending that somehow this law will silence them.


Mr. Cass and the rest of these scandalous ass-holes should realize what a waste this Anti-Defamation money scam Commission is.  If they would just look around, or – look in the mirror, they might see that christians do a mighty fine job of defaming themselves, all by themselves – no one else has to.  Of course, don’t expect a christianist to actually do any inner reflection.

Gary Cass is rounding up the “peaceful” preachers to D.C. for the Rally for Religious Freedom to rouse up death threats and violence just so they can prove how hateful their bible and their religion really is.  I say, Bring it on!  Expose yourselves for the hateful, hypocritical, deluded and angry little men you are – let everyone see!

“… to confront the unconstitutionality of the measure’s “thought” penalties, according to a Christian leader working on the event.”

NO LAW has been passed to control anyones thoughts, you morons!  On the Rally for Religious Freedom’s website, there is a video, “The Criminalization of Christianity”, FALSELY STATING that the APA’s definition of “sexual orientation” includes 30+ sexual “behaviors” and “fetishes”.  The Xtian right conveniently makes up their own broad definition of “sexual orientation” so that they can promulgate the FALSE PROPAGANDA CLAIM that the Hate Crimes Act protects pedophiles, and they falsely link pedophiles to all gay men. period.

This is FALSE and it is an outright LIE that is told over and over by the christianist heads. They know that their followers are going to believe what they say without question.  You could not convince me that they don’tknow what they are doing.  Pedophilia is a crime, and it is not “protected”, YOU LIARS.

Deceit is the only way that christianists can survive with their stone age dogma, feeding on the gullible.  From the video, Pastor Dr. Gary Cass:

“… and, I believe there’s [sic] not two kinds of christianity.  When you’re saved and you become a follower of Jesus Christ, you are now a witness and you’re a witness to the truth of the Gospel, even unto death , or you’re not a christian.”

There’s the catch – he’s a “witness to the truth of the gospel”, just not to the gospel truth of anything else – it is O.K. to lie your ass off about people whom you don’t even know, people you hate.

The video also talks about the hateful Pastor Stephen Boisoin who “simply wrote a letter” to the editor of a local paper in June 2002, a disgusting letter full of hateful lies that have been debunked, a letter full of condemnation for people just living a simple life, a letter full of lies about the school curriculum:

“Think about it, children as young as five and six years of age are being subjected to psychologically and physiologically damaging pro-homosexual literature and guidance in the public school system; all under the fraudulent guise of equal rights.”

But this shows that parents WANT sex ed and they WANT bi- and homosexuality in the curriculum. From The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol. 11 (1) Spring 2002 (emphasis mine):

“Attitudes Toward Sexual Health Education (SHE) – Although a vocal minority can create the impression that parental objections to school-based SHE are widespread, research has consistently found that parents support SHE at school.  For example, McKay, Pietrusiak, and Holowaty (1998) reported that 95% of parents in one rural school district in Ontario agreed that SHE should be provided in school. The majority of parents (82%) felt that SHE should begin in the primary grades and continue through to high school. Similarly, 95% of parents of high school students in rural Nova Scotia supported school-based sexuality education (Langille, Langille, Beazley, & Doncaster, 1996) and 98% of urban Ontario parents were in favour of AIDS education in the schools (Verby & Herold, 1992).”

Another excerpt,

“Approximately equal numbers of parents reported that SHE should begin in grades K-3, 4-5, and 6-8 (33%, 32%, and 32% respectively). Thus, 65% of parents felt that SHE should begin in elementary school and 97% felt that it should begin in elementary or middle school. Only 1% of parents reported that SHE should not be provided in school (see Figure 3).”

Table 2. (My note: only 16.7% of parents thought homosexuality should not be included – Boisoin’s letter does go against what the majority of parents want for their children.  I also could not find ANY info that verified his claim that 5 and 6 year olds were in fact being taught about sexuality, only that most parents thought SHE should be introduced at grade level K-3.  It’s too much right now to look up the actual school curriculum – I sure do not trust the word of a christianist.)

And from the conclusion,

“Based on parents’ own suggestions, there are a number of ways in which this can be accomplished, such as providing parents with sexual health information before it is disseminated to their child and providing information on how to discuss sexual health topics with their child. Involving parents in the school-based SHE their children receive could promote more discussion in the home and help encourage healthy and safe sexual development.”

This is from the SIECCAN website (emphasis mine):

“Surveys of Canadian parents indicate that a majority want sexual orientation addressed in school-based sexual health education programs (Advisory Committee on Family Planning, 2008; Langille, Langille, Beazley & Doncaster, 1996; McKay, Pietrusiak & Holowaty, 1998; Weaver, Byers, Sears, Cohen & Randall, 2002). For example, in a study of New Brunswick parents, Weaver et al., (2002) found that over 80% supported the inclusion of the topic of “homosexuality” in the sexual health curriculum. In a study of the effectiveness of sexual health education in British Columbia schools (Options for Health, 2004), parents, students, educators and public health workers acknowledged that the sexual health curriculum often failed to meet the needs of sexually diverse students, and that sexual diversity issues warranted more attention.”

Hey, Pastor Boisoin, it looks like Canadian parents want their kids to know that sometimes people are gay.  But people like Boisoin want to foment hatred for those that are “different”; and so the religious gay bullying at schools continues and people like him make it worse.

The video goes on to lie about statistics of hate crimes regarding LGBT’s.  The video lies about hate crimes themselves and the definition of a hate crime:

Not true.

This is just an ABJECT LIE.  And, besides lying about what constitutes a crime and twisting the percentages around, there still is not much difference in the number of hate crimes towards gay people as towards religious persons.  And of those religious bias, I would guess that a pretty small percentage is anti-christian bias (I would think non-christian religions would get most of the bad rap in the U.S.).

Wrong has become right, and right has become wrong says the Pastor Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church and Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ.  Yes, he is correct – the evangelical christianists are making violence right and tolerance wrong.    It is time in this country to question religion, to challenge it, to expose their lies.



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