Keeping us on our toes lately…

Mason Angus

Mason Angus

This is Mason Angus E., with Four Paw Drive installed.  This little guy has had me on my toes, sleepless nights and vet visits.  We rescued him at 7 weeks; he will be 9 weeks on November 8th, and I’ve already got him potty trained; positive repetition and TREATS – treats work wonders  … he is so smart and so funny, like pups are.  He brings Terror and Destruction to the world and has total control over The Humans.

His “big brother”, Jimmy – 4 years old, who we got the same day as Mason, is making great progress transitioning from a kennel to our home.  He weighs in at 92 pounds (Mason will match that in a year or so).  Jimmy is now comfortable roaming the house and really digging his new space … he is quite the loverbug, too.  We’re working on getting him socialized, teaching him how to play – he’s never been abused, but never had any play with humans or other dogs.  He’s a really good boy, intelligent, handsome Labrador; lately he’s been watching Mason and started mimicking some of his puppy play!

Just a little break from the rants  😉




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