Traditional Values Coalition – promoting the same LIES on their website

Louis Sheldon - Traditional Lies Coalition

Louis Sheldon - Traditional Lies Coalition

The Traditional Values Coalition website, spouting about “the Hate Christians™ bill” is one of the hundreds of christianist websites circulating THE SAME LIES.

Some of their bullshit is here:

In reality, this legislation is a “hate Christians” act because it will target Christians for prosecution not only for violent acts against LGBT individuals, but for speech that might have “incited” or “induced” another person to act in a violent manner toward LGBT persons.

Um, no … in ‘REALITY’, like the real reality and not the made-up reality of these christianist liars, the Act will NOT “target Christians” YOU GODDAMNED LIARS.  And yes, “not only” if you commit a violent act again anyone, you asswipes, it is a crime, even violence against someone because of their religious beliefs.


The legislation is based on a laughable list of “findings” that have no basis in fact – in order to justify use of the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution to impose federal control over state and local law enforcement.
Hmmm, don’t know what “findings” they’re referring to, unless it is the FACT OF REALITY that homosexuality cannot be cured and it is not a sexual disorder.  Sexual orientation is innate; a person cannot change their sexual  orientation.  So, in order to promulgate their hatred for LGBT people, they conveniently redefine English language words to fit their own broad meanings.  “Laughable” because REALITY does not match the lies they promulgate over and over to their willing and mentally captive audiences.
Here is their broad re-definition of the term “sexual orientation” and the flat out LIE that this is the definition as defined by the American Psychological Association.  Note that they have a link to their own page of false “definitions”, but NO LINK for the APA DSM-IV.  How convenient!  Their readers are not going to actually look this up and fact-check it AND THEY KNOW IT.
In addition, the law makes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” into federally-protected minority groups. This includes the 30+ sexual orientations (desires/attractions) listed in the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV).
Traditional “Values” Coalition — STOP LYING!
If you google “APA DSM-IV“, and click the second link, you will see that the above statement on the Traditional Values Coalition’s website IS A DIRECT AND PURPOSEFUL LIE.  Funny, how their tagline is “Empowering People of Faith Through Knowledge” … uh, yeh — the “knowledge” that they dispense.  Not real knowledge.

TVC - Telling People of Faith What to Think

TVC - Telling People of Faith What to Think

Goddammit, I have no tolerance for liars.  *sigh*
Please pray for me.  (snicker)


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