Joe.My.God. hits the ‘Ex-gay’ nail on the head.

Focus On The Family

Focus On The Family

Joe.My.God.’s post on the final mind-fuck fest of Focus On The Family’s “Ex-gay” conference:

Alabama Hosts Convention Of Still Completely Homosexual “Ex-Gays”

“Focus On The Family’s final “ex-gay” conference is being held in Birmingham this weekend, where anti-“ex-gay” activist Wayne Besen spoke at the University of Alabama to expose the myths and dangers of their “pray away the gay” campaign. Embroiled in financial difficulties and layoffs, Focus of the Family has handed off their “ex-gay” conference business to Exodus International, an organization best known for its former chairman John Paulk, who in 2000 was photographed by Besen fleeing from cameras after having been spotted having a gay ole time in Washington DC’s Mr. P’s Bar.

“Below is the promotional video posted Friday in support of their I Hate Myself SO Much conference. If history is a judge, any converts acquired in Alabama this weekend will bring along a lengthy list of drug addictions, mental illnesses, andprison records – all of which they have because they are gay, of course. Not because they are losers desperately seeking something to blame.”

That is exactly my contention (see sidebar) that religious zealots come from lives spiraled out of control, and so they must place the blame on something, and by god, it’s the ho-mo-sexu-ality that caused their woes, not because they are fuck-ups who made poor choices.  These religious nuts running these harmful “ex-gay” scams are playing games with the lives of these self-hating,deluded, and permanently still gay people looking for another rope to grasp.

Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out, is speaking at the same place as the Still Completely Homosexual Convention.  An excerpt from his post below.  Read the whole thing here:

“The research is very clear that you can’t pray away the gay and attempts to do so can be harmful,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “Focus on the Family is offering false hope to vulnerable people and profiting from their pain. They are intentionally confusing stereotypes with legitimate science in an attempt to mislead people about homosexuality. We hope to offer a realistic view of our lives and use sound science to set the record straight.”


These pitiful folks are NO goddamned DIFFERENT than heterosexual drug addicts/alcoholics/criminals/hookers grasping at that Rope of Hope Jayzus …

“Ex-gay” is short for “Still gay” … remember that folks!


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