Peter LaBarbera Has Gone Over The Top

I have so much stuff queued in my Blog Notes regarding the homo-hating, mansex-obsessed, sensationalist “researcher” Nancy-boy Peter LaBarbera … can’t get to it all fast enough.  Joe.My.God.’s blog has now been reported to the FBI. by Matt Barber’s Liberty Council.  These long-time advocates of violence toward LGBT people has the goddamn audacity to suggest that christians are being threatened by homos.

CHRISTIANS, who PUBLICLY ADVOCATE FOR THE DEATH PENALTY FOR HOMOS, reciting from their Holy Book of Rape and Hate, inciting their God of Greed? (You will have to excuse the ALLCAPS because I am goddamned pissed.)

christians: Death to Homos!

"Intolerance Of Discrimination Against Death Penalty For Homosexuals As Prescribed In The Bible

Christians, who preach their bigoted social hatred and division every goddamned Sunday?  Christians, who spend millions upon millions of dollars publicly slandering and threatening an entire class of people, while at the same time closing down churches because they can’t afford the taxes and the heating bills?  Christians like ones with whom LaBarbera associates, who spread their hatred of LGBT’s into countries across the globe, complicit in the murders of African children and adults?

The same chrustians who publish lie after lie after lie about people that they do not even know, scamming and deceiving their followers?  The ones who are so upset that their “right” to kill homos has been “stripped away”?

The christians who post online death threats to gay people every goddamned day?

Peter … those “christians” who are threatened …? – the same christians, who have reached their caustic poison into my own family (who live 15 miles from your poison enterprise)?  The christian who, after thirty years of knowing her, victimized our trusting Mother?***

Those kinds of christians, Peter?  FUCK YOURSELF, you closeted freak.  Or, get Barber to do it.



***I have many personal stories of lying, dishonest, and elder-abusing christians to come in future posts.



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2 responses to “Peter LaBarbera Has Gone Over The Top

  1. Tealocelot

    ! I applaud you for standing up for yourself, and for those who have lost their voices.

  2. Tom

    Thank you, Tealocelot. … and, I’m going to keep making mine heard. My ears perked up when I first heard the public death threats by elected officials.

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