Peter LaBarbera – silent about his “godly moral” Carrie Prejean

Peter LaBarbera has praised Carrie Prejean’s holy godly morals and lavished her with sympathy for what Teh Evil Homosexual has “done to” her.

Carrie "Ladyfingers USA" Prejean

"whoa! - one digit too many"

But strangely, not a word about his godly, moral champion of christian values since November 4th … Why is that?

We know he can’t be aroused by the idea of Carrie’s rub-out tape … he is more obsessed with mansex than I ever was. …

Guess it’s hard for The Peter to explain, but I totally get it.  Commercialized American Christianity™, in their rabid rush to demonize normal people, propped up this plastic porn star beauty queen (propped up by silicone, primer coats, caps, and exterior finish) on stages across the U.S. touting her Opposite Marriage (although she knows absolutely nothing about the subject) and proclaiming to the Evil Homosexuals that she will not stand to be silenced, she has a right, you know, not to be criticized for her opinions, that’s a right, you know.

Carrie has the christian calling, with the laying on of hands and the Holy Spirit™ speaking directly into her cavities, er, her ears, poking and jabbing her way through the slippery trenches. HAAAHAHAHA.  Sorry.


I knew it. I KNEW that they were going to quickly prop this lying c*nt up as some kind of wounded, persecuted christian soldier victim.  Oh, she’s soooo embarrassed! So embarrassed that she will get on Sean Vannity Show to plug her upcumming “book” “Still Standing“.  Yes, Carrie … warn those little christian girls!  Be careful when yer bashin’ your beavers for your internet boyfriends, she says. (paraphrased, of course) – And, Hannity wrote the forward for her book.


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