AFTAH Targets Children For Hate and Harassment

AFTAH‘s website has this gem I from the Fountain of Fuckwisdom, Peter LaBarbera:

By Peter LaBarbera – This article was posted on Sunday, April 19th, 2009 at 2:49 pm

Behold in the YouTube video below [My Notes in black: The video has been removed for terms-of-use violation] the polar opposite of wisdom. It is sad and troubling, on so many levels: a 17-year-old boy, James Neiley, argues for same-sex “marriage” in a hearing prior to the Vermont Senate voting to legalize the same. Young, effeminate James [You are sick, Peter] is right about one thing: the cultural battle over the homosexual campaign to revolutionize “marriage” is, indeed, ultimately about whether homosexual behavior [I behave quite politely usually, except when dealing with BIGOTS] and relationships are OK [They are] and deserve government recognition [They do] and the rewards we used to reserve for actual [Mine IS better than most heteros’ relationships] marriage. But he’s wrong about everything else [No, you are] — including the idea that legalized “gay marriage” will ultimately validate his choice to embrace a homosexual identity [This guy knows who he is and validates himself]. Before Vermont liberals, maybe, but not before a holy God [A petty, angry, hateful god], because Neiley is on a very dangerous eternal path. [No, he’s not] There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death (Proverbs 14:12). [From the Holy Book of Rape and Hate, uninspired and written by men]

As a Christian, I believe that every homosexual “coming out” is a tragedy [No, you don’t! it feeds your wallet] — balanced off, as it were, by the wonderful testimonies of men and women who have “come out” of homosexuality [Still gay, still lying to themselves].  who has convinced himself of a very big adult lie — that he is intrinsically “gay.” [He is; some people are] Now the homosexual activists and fellow travelers cheer as James’ self-deception [Honesty and Bravery] becomes a platform to promote corollary lies, of which “same-sex marriage” is but one. [No, you lie] He even talks about having children!  We will write some more about this video [Petey, you relish the opportunity to further degrade and dehumanize this kid for your profit and self-glorifying] but in the meantime please pray for this confused teenager [Not confused] — that he will find and receive godly counsel [Brainwashing] and escape the clutches of a sin movement [Not] that endangers body and soul.  [Just like heterosexuality can] Send us your note to him for us to publish; write

read more after the fold — i’m pissed!

“Young, effeminate James”? — LaBarbera, why don’t you just go ahead and call him a “fag”? —How dare you string up this kid like this, you disgusting, insulting, child-character-assassinating PIG — Have you not grown up yet? you are such a big man, now, that you need to put down a kid like that? —  Says The Peter:My heart aches over this mere child” — except to insult the “mere child” and his family on a public venue to feed your christianist ego and pull the wallet strings of your readers.  LaBarbera, you would rather this kid spend a lifetime of torment and hating himself and trying to please the evil church and change something that he cannot.  You’re as bad as the teachers in IL and MN who publicly humiliated their gay teen students.

“As a Christian, I believe that every homosexual “coming out” is a tragedy”

No you don’t, Pete!  It’s another opportunity for you to smear good people for your god, and in this case, a teenager.  It is a shame for a grown man to defame and dehumanize this poor kid who has a good head on his shoulders, a good heart, and has a plan for his future to be a productive, responsible part of society — a better person than people like you will ever hope to be.

I wish this kid well in his lifetime, to deal with bigoted assholes like you.



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