Mike Heath: Re-criminalize Homos.

Mike Heath

Mike Heath

Mike Heath, former director of the Christian Civic League in Maine, being charged up now, after the loss in Maine, has called for the complete rollback of all LGBT-inclusive legislation.  He wants the re-criminalization of homosexuality 0n his state’s and the federal level too, I’m sure.

Homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with marriage.  Homosexuality is a sickness.  It’s a sin.
We need to stop putting up with it.  There is nothing civil about hiding the truth from those we love.  And the truth about sex outside of marriage is that it hurts, it’s bad for us.  We need to avoid it.

[Mt notes in green: O.K., so we’re just going to “stop putting up with” a natural and normal part of the human mind development — exactly how does one do that? Now hear this, Heath:  My attraction to and devoted love for my partner is neither a sickness nor a sin.  There is nothing civil, Mr. Heath, about the bigotry coming from the fanatical religious loons like yourself.  Your religion does not rule this country, nor does it promote love.  If you have a problem with  people having sex outside of marriage, then tell all your  politician and preacher buddies to stop having affairs on their wives and go tend to their own families that are falling apart.]

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We need to choose life over sex.  Sex is for life … it creates life.  Sex and life must be connected in our thinking.  We come together sexually in the context of marriage to celebrate creation, the creation of a unique individual human life.  It is perilous to disconnect sex from creation.  It is even more perilous to pretend that pleasureable sex should be associated with acts unspeakable.

[Ugh, I know — especially the “acts unspeakable” that you christian hetero deviants do.  Sex happens between two persons in a committed relationship; it is not solely tied to procreating; jeez, I know I don’t have to list all of the heterosexual situations and marriages that are not for, and do not involve procreatin’.  And no, it is not “perilous” for gay people to have gay sex; it has absolutely no effect on heteros gettin’ their non-procreative groove on.]

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In the interest of protecting and affirming all of Maine’s people, especially our children and grandchildren, we must repeal domestic partnership laws that provide benefits on the basis of homosexuality, we must defund the so-called “civil rights teams” and remove “sexual orientation and gender identity” from the Maine Human Rights Act and the Maine Civil Rights Act.  It would also be prudent to reinstate Maine’s anti-sodomy law that was quietly removed from our criminal code in the late 1970s.

We must not stop fighting until Maine’s laws are once again just, and equal rights are guaranteed to all Maine citizens on the basis of good conduct, not sinful behavior.  For the sake of our children and grandchildren we must fight this evil.  And we will fight.

[Gay people’s conduct is law-abiding, Ass-hole.  Gay people work , they have families, go to school, everything that reg’lar law-abiding heteros do.  The “evil” is the people like Mike Heath who promulgate the lies that fuel the abuse and murder of mere children.  These people want nothing more than to bring terror onto the lives of kids growing up, giving them a lifetime of guilt and shame for something they cannot change.  The ones who “recruit” children into lives of self-hate are the ones spouting the hateful condemnations.]

O.K., back in black … I am sick of this religious superiority complex, for lack of a better term, the demand that the rest of society follow their rules.  They need to realize, too, that not all religious people and not all christians have a problem with homos.  ‘It are’ the Fanatical Evangelicals that stir up the fear and the abject hatred of homos.  It’s gay MEN that get under these guys’ skins.  They’re all closet casts, look at ’em!  My opinion, that’s all.


Pastor Gary Cass with 70s porn stache

Matt Barber

Matt Barber and his VERY gay book cover

Extreme Gay "Therapy"

Extreme Gay "Therapy"


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