Today is the Big, Scary Rally For Religious Freedom

Bluster Fest 2009

Bluster Fest 2009

… even though no one has lost any religious freedoms.  The Hate The Christians Act™  and the Homosexual Terrorist Coalition™ are manufactured crises behind the Big Bluster Fest, also called the Rally For Religious Freedom being held today at 1:30 in Washington, D.C. to “raise alarm” — people won’t send in money if they aren’t scared and alarmed:

The Rally for Religious Freedom is meant to raise alarm over the nation’s new Federal “hate crimes” law just passed by Congress and signed last month by President Obama. The intention of the rally is to assert the freedom of speech of ministers and Christians in general to declare biblical truth in the public square. The Rally will also expose the unconstitutional nature of the hate law.

Ministers from various denominations will preach from the Bible, especially those parts that speak to the sin of homosexuality. This will serve to reassure ministers and Christians that they are free to do the same.

A letter from Matt Staver of Liberty Council will be presented to Attorney General Eric Holder that expresses our concerns about the many unconstitutional aspects of the hate crime bill. Specific legal challenges also may be announced then.

The Rally for Religious Freedom in front of the Department of Justice (click here for map) is intended to force Holder to enforce the law as he interprets it, which he has said he was eager to do. Will he protect the right of ministers and Christians to proclaim God’s Word or not?

(continued below the fold)

While no one has lost any freedoms to preach from the Bible, they’ve been actively spreading that lie.  What these “peaceful” pastors very much intend to do is stir up fear and hatred towards homos, as they’ve been actively spreading the lie that homos want to do violence towards christians.  Sorry, we don’t.  We just want them to stay the hell out of everyone’s private lives.  It is a manufactured alert to get the cash flowing in.  Nothing, it seems, scares people more than frothing, demonic, homos; it’s quite the gig to get into these days.

Also, tantamount in their arguments is the redefinition of several English words to bolster their propaganda, words like “sexual orientation”, words that their ignorant target audience will just take their word for.  After all, these are Men of God™ and those are just dirty queers — the idea that preachers would lie would be preposterous.  “Sexual orientation” is now defined by these crackpots for Christ as “30+” orientations and they even go so far as to lie about what the APA says; and of course, they don’t provide links and their readers are going to trust them at their word.

These people would love nothing more than to “rid the Sodomites from the land”.  The Army of God (their Homo News Page), Dr. Pastor Gary Cass, Mike Heath, Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Scott Lively, Matt Staver … the list goes on and on.  They are sensationalists and alarmists and their full intent is to stir up fear and panic among gullible christians who will fall for anything.

Read on JMG (Joe’s in blue), and the threats of violence from these nutjobs:

A sample comment from Barber’s Townhall piece:

“Don’t push this too far, gay men. There’s a reason why gay men were brutally repressed in every society until the Western Societies of the past 20 years — the potential forces of violence arrayed against you are infinitely greater than anything you can muster. Everything you enjoy now is “dependent on the kindness of strangers” Stay tolerant to get tolerance. You may have pushed things as far as they can go. If so, live with it. If you break down religion you may also break down the institutions that restrain violence being visited on you.”

My goodness, that’s at least as “terroristic” as JMG reader Fritz’s now famous worry. Call the FBI!

RELATED: Among Townhall’s commenters on Barber’s post is notorious Rev. Steve Anderson (as Anderson659), who famously has some real problems with the FBI after announcing that he was praying for the death of President Obama.

Matt Barber, of the Liberty Council, is the one who called the FBI over comments made in jest on JMG and then he and his people *somebody* planted comments that were obvious fakes.

These christianist scumbags are liars.  Gotta love ’em, though.


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