Christians Will Fall For Anything And Then Lie To Defend It

Christians will fall for any damn thing; just slap on the Name of Jesus™  and you can fool all of ’em almost.  It worked like a charm for Carrie Diddledigits Prejean to get Peter LaBarbera and Maggie Gallagher fawning all over her Holy Godly Morals, and now — not a word  about her, at least not from Peter. (Maggie’s NOM just ‘fired‘ her.)  Anybody with one eye, one ear and half a brain knew what a Lying Skank For Jesus she was right from the start.  These gullible christians think that all gay people are robots, programmed into a “lifestyle” — because that’s what they are told, and they believe what they are told to believe.

Pete and Mag should take a lesson from this Miss DiddleFingers meltdown of lies and scams that Pete won’t even acknowledge — this is just how they target and play their trusting audience; they twist fact and reality and purposely misquote professionals until they’re just as gullible, just waiting for the next Holy Word from O’ Infallible Leaders, or anyone tagging the name of Jesus.  This is the only way that their operations can survive — Repeat the lies until they believe the lies; manufacture phony threat crises to stir up the fear; sustain their fully trusting audience in ignorance and fear and on the defense and they have it made.  Tangible, proven facts and reality no longer matter!

Shouldn’t adult men like Peter LaBarera grow up and stop picking on high school kids by now?  He relished in calling one “Young effeminate James” on his website (he might as well have said what he was thinking: “little faggot”, right?) as he proceeded to rake this young man’s character through the mud — that is despicable.  And to make that the means of earning one’s living is doubly despicable.

And now in the news, an Atlanta high school teacher threatens to punch a kid in the “fucking mouth”, after asking the kid if he is gay.  The teacher is accused of then setting up a hit on the kid!  THIS is the kind of POISON that the Religious Freaks like Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber stir up with their caustic hate speech towards gays.  This is what they promote, and  I’m  quite sure The Peter thinks the “young, effeminate” victim deserved this.

These christian warrior dweebs are fucking insane.  This is just a part of WHY I LEFT CHRISTIANITY and the church after only ten months or so (’80-’81).  Posers and liars and lunatics.  *sigh* I have a sibling who is totally brainwashed with Fundamentalist bullshit and it has ruined her family relationships.   These religious nutjobs really do think that proclaiming “Death to [insert hate target]” is not hateful; they call it love.

Their lives would be so much better and happier if they would just Love.


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