LaBarbera And The Evil Murderous Gays

Mike Heath

Mike Heath

The Peter says Teh Homosexual is evil and murderous, militant and vicious, because it “seems to be” fact in The Peter’s fascinating mind.  His use of the phrases in the wake of, associated with disasters, and a resurgence of, as in ‘an uprising’.  The Peter relies on sensationalist terminology to create alarm, demonize law-abiding gay citizens and to get their flocks on the offensive.  From the November 8, 2009 AFTAH article about the alleged death threats on Mike Heath (emphasis mine):

“What’s fascinating is that in the wake of the passage of landmark federal “hate crimes” legislation including “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” — designed to protect homosexuals as a group — there seems to be a resurgence of anti-Christian hate coming from “GLBT” (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) extremists. More on that coming. — Peter LaBarbera,

I just bet there’s more on that coming – I won’t hold my breath.  “There seems to be” “a resurgence” of lies and hate coming from LaBarbera, Barber and their christianist cohorts.  From the WGME13 news website, Heath states that he’s not taking it very seriously; however, LaBarbera plays it up in his usual alarmist and sensationalist style, and now every ‘gay’ is a terrorist murdering psycho and an imminent threat.  First, I wouldn’t doubt that someone in their camp phoned in a phony threat; secondly, public employees and officials get death threats routinely – my husband, a retired law officer, used to get death threats.  If it was a real call, it’s some lone lunatic spouting off.  But none of that matters to LaBarbera.

The Nov. 10 article by LaBarbera with the full text of the Evil Homo Terrorist Plot.  He begins with the quote from JMG commenter ‘Cold Country’ as his prime example of a “violent homosexual extremist”, but it kinda turns out that ‘Cold Country’ is a 59-yr old heterosexual woman.  So, off goes Matt Barber to the FBI to warn them of the Big Thcary Fairy Terrorists.  From Dispatches From the Culture Wars, the post titled Barber Worried About “Gay Jihad”:

“If you made a list of all the gay people who had been beaten, maimed or killed by those who hated them just for being gay, the list would be extraordinarily long. If you made a list of all the anti-gay people who had been beaten, maimed or killed just for being anti-gay, the list would be pretty much blank.”

Of course, if you get your readers worried about a “Gay Jihad”, the Fear Donations should roll in.

The most horrible example I’ve found so far of The Peter’s flaming is his, and other religious right sites‘, shameless use of the murder of Mary Stachowicz by Nicholas Gutierrez.  On the Army of God’s websitethey list Leviticus 20:13 ‘only’ a mere 20 times.  They clearly blame this murder on all homos and they clearly want all homos dead and they clearly want to whip up that sentiment.  They state that all homos were either silent or were applauding this tragic murder by a seriously mentally deranged individual, which is an obvious lie.  The religionists mischaracterize and skew the elements of the case, like with everything else, to use for their fund-raising efforts.

UPDATE: well, fuck the 20 times – that was only one page about one murder. … I just looked at the rest of their  four “Homo News” pages, the first page contains Leviticus 20:13 approximately 175 times (I counted). Pages 2, 3 has over 100 each (used edit>find-on-page), and page 4 has 57.  That is 400-550+ times.  Soooo, yeh, I think they want homos dead.

Watch out.  Blood-thirsty homos are coming to get you.  No one is safe.


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