Gary Cass Lying His Ass Off On Christian Broadcasting Network

CBN's logo for Hate Crimes

CBN's logo for Hate Crimes

Sporting their quaint logo for Hate Crimes, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s coverage of Dr.-Pastor Gary Cass’ protest in D.C. was the usual Lying Liars Lying For Jesus – God made it the first report so we wouldn’t have to suffer through the 30-minute broadcast. Says Dr. Cass:

“Those scriptures are already illegal in some countries that have hate crimes laws, Canada being the closest, so we know where hate crimes legislation leads, uh, as we said it’s not “Hate Crimes”, it’s “Hate Christians” because it’s Christians who are actually on the receiving end of the prosecution of these laws.”

It goes on and on.  Does this fuckhead praise Jesus with that LYING mouth?  Cass and these other clowns have got to know they are lying to their audience.

Video below the fold

The report ends with the announcer, Paul Strand, saying,

“… these protesting pastors say they don’t hate homosexuals and they’d never commit an act of violence against them, but they say if it becomes a crime to preach the Gospel, that’s a crime they’re always going to be willing to commit.”

I call *bullshit* — and, um, which crime?

A British lawyer, Paul Diamond, came all the way from England to lie for Dr.-Pastor Cass.  Hmmm, couldn’t they get anyone from Canada to come and lie?


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One response to “Gary Cass Lying His Ass Off On Christian Broadcasting Network

  1. Vee

    So….because he’s saying that Christians are victims of hate crimes as well, he MUST be lying? Do you have evidence that proves his words wrong? Can you prove that there has never been a Christian victim of hate crimes? I think you need to get some of your facts straight before you post such idiocy on the internet. You just sound like an anti-religious bigot.

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